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Mirrors and Magic

Posted on 7/26/2013 by SuperUser Account

This is a project we completed in a home located in Los Altos Hills, Ca. We provided and installed the mirrors and glass shelving of the new Master Suite Bath.

As you will see in the attached pictures, there were two large beveled mirrors and two smaller seamed mirrors. The challenge was in the physics. The dimensions had to be perfect to fit within the finished trim.

Although the mirrors are beautiful and do fit perfectly, it is not the mirrors that made this job special…it’s the shelving.

How do you mount three glass shelves to a mirror surface without drilling any holes or using any brackets. The answer is use MAGIC!

The “magic” we used was to UV glue the shelves directly. As you’ll see, the shelves are mounted in a corner where two of the mirrors meet. We applied UV glue to both edges of each shelf. Of course, the shelves themselves also had to be perfectly cut in order to fit properly in the corner.

The blue light which you see us applying is Ultra Violet light. When the glue is properly exposed to UV, the bond becomes nearly unbreakable. It worked very, very well.

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