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St Maria Goretti

A Stained Glass Restoration Project and Protection System


The St Maria Goretti Church in San Jose, CA contacted us regarding the restoration and repair of all their stained glass windows and the additional project of providing a new exterior protection system over all the windows.

The stained glass windows had a great deal of cracked and broken glass. The original brace bar of many windows was no longer providing any support of the stained glass and the old plexi-glass exterior protection was providing very minimal protection and very deteriorated and dis-colored. The resin-putty on the exterior of the stained glass had dried and fallen out and the glazing putty was in terrible condition. We also found that the caulking around the window frame itself was badly in need of replacement.

We removed every stained glass window, boarded up the openings with plywood and transported them to our studio for repair and restoration. While the glass was removed, we removed the old exterior caulking around the window frames and applied new caulking to create a weather-proof seal.

After getting the stained glass back in place, we allowed the glazing putty to cure and returned to paint all the putty.

There are also seven first floor windows at the church in which we installed sheets of new red Acrylic to replace very old and deteriorated plastic. The Acrylic provides a very bright colorful look while still permitting abundant sunlight and is nearly impossible to break through.

The final step was the installation of a new polycarbonate exterior protection system over all stained glass windows to protect and preserve them for future generations. We designed and fabricated the stand-off brackets for mounting the Poly Carbonate sheets. The brackets are made of aluminum and held in place with stainless steel screws, so there is no concern about rust or other dis-coloration.

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