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First Presbyterian Church of San Mateo

A Stained Glass Restoration Project and Protection System


The stained glass windows on the south side of this beautiful church in San Mateo, CA were in poor condition and permitting some leakage. That side of the church is exposed to intense direct sunlight and the previously installed plexi-glass exterior protection over the stained glass windows was only making the problem worse by trapping heat against the stained glass.

The resin-putty used to weather-proof the leaded glass had dried and fallen out on the exterior side. Much of the glazing putty was missing and the rest was no longer effective. Many of the brace bar solder joints had broken and several pieces of glass were cracked.

We removed all the stained glass from these six bays, 42 separate panels and transported these to our studio where we restored and strengthened them. Rather than board-up the window openings with plywood, we used colored plexi-glass to permit more light and color into the Sanctuary while we had the stained glass removed.

Once we had all stained glass back in place, we installed all new Poly Carbonate exterior protection over all the windows. We designed and fabricated the stand-offs / brackets used to mount the Poly Carbonate specifically for this job. The stand-offs are made of aluminum and the screws and bolts are stainless steel, so there is no concern about rust or dis-coloration. We also powder coated all this hardware a color chosen by the client.

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