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Stained Glass and Leaded Glass

The basics of the art, at the highest level

Stained Glass Content

Flowers are a classic theme in stained glass

Stained glass and leaded glass art have been around for hundreds of years. Hey, maybe we are on to something here? This is an art type that never goes out of style. Amazingly, we still create these pieces by hand, in fact, if the power goes out, we keep working.

When we say “stained glass”, we are speaking of pieces created with colored glass. The glass is usually assembled using lead caming and borders. However, the metal portion of the piece could also be done with copper, zinc or brass.

Combinations of colored and clear bevels

When we say “leaded glass”, we are referring to pieces created with clear, beveled or opaque glass and assembled with lead. Unfortunately, the terminology is very generalized and incomplete. We can create pieces of clear, beveled and opaque glass using metal other than lead.

We also create pieces that have some “stained glass” and some clear or beveled glass…so, you see, the terminology just doesn’t cover all the possibilities.

No matter, every piece we have ever created is a unique, custom, hand-made piece. The only question we need answered by you is “What are you dreaming of?” Our motto is “You Dream It, We Create It”. …and we mean it. The combinations of colored glass, clear glass, hand beveled glass and so on are nearly infinite.

The possible applications are also many, such as; windows, door glass, sidelights, transoms, skylights, entire entryways, cabinet glass and more. The category of “church glass” also fits under this heading. We can create new stained glass for churches and mausoleums or we can repair and restore the existing glass to its original grandeur.

Whether your project is for your home, office, church, museum or mausoleum, we can create a piece of stained or leaded glass that will be cherished and admired by you, your friends and future generations. Just tell us your dream.

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