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We can help you realize your vision


Stained glass laylight panel design

Maybe all you have is a vague idea of what you would like in glass or maybe you have a complete set of plans and design sketches for us. Either way, we are here to make your vision become reality.

If you are uncertain of what you want, we have an enormous library of pictures of our previous work as well as access to many other design ideas.

All you really have to do is contact us. The comment, “I was thinking of something with a flower design” or “My house is a Craftsman style home” or “I love beveled glass” is enough to get our creative juices flowing. We will then work with you to agree on a final design. Then, before we actually begin, you’ll be given the opportunity to see a full size pattern of the design.

Our Design and Consulting often encompasses much more than the glass portion of the project. When providing Skylights, our work usually includes the design, fabrication and installation of the armature (framing) that will hold the glass.

We also design and provide the lighting of enclosed skylights (lay-lights), usually LED. If the job calls for new wooden window sashes or the repair and restoration of older sashes, we can usually include this work. As an experienced and licensed contractor we can work with you, no matter your needs, to get the job done as you envision.

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