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Churches and Mausoleums

The spiritual side of art glass


Restored 100 year old skylight panels

We can create new pieces or repair and restore the existing stained and leaded glass art for your church, museum, mausoleum, columbarium or any other building with old and/or traditional stained glass.

All of our workmanship is done with great care and attention to detail but when working on a church glass project we are especially concerned with all aspects of the piece and respecting it as the art that it is. You can trust us with your treasures.

100 year old stained glass window after restoration

As leaded glass ages, some common problems occur. Probably the most common is that the putty applied to secure the glass to the caming dries and crumbles. Another is simply that gravity causes the glass to sag or bulge over time. Other deterioration can be warping from heat or simply broken glass. All of these and any other repair and restoration can be done by us.

We also have several different methods available for providing protection of your stained glass and for preventing further deterioration. These are designed with your specific site and needs in mind.

Some of our largest projects have been done for churches, mausoleums and columbariums. We have the experience and the expertise you are looking for and can be trusted to create and/or restore your art glass.

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